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Give citizens access to real estate investment directly.

The goal of My Real Estate is to democratize real estate investment. This market has historically lacked transparency and is still controlled by pension funds, real estate funds as well as by certain individuals.

We share the vision that the time has come to give everyone equal access both in terms of information and access to quality investment opportunities. Thanks to a low minimum investment amount. we allow everyone to participate.


Crowdfunding, or “crowdfunding” in French, has been a method of collective financing that has appeared since the 18th century in the context of charitable works. Crowdfunding in its modern form uses the Internet as a channel for linking project promoters and investors and has developed in the United States and Europe since the beginning of the 2000. Evidence of this craze, the market crowdfunding has been growing exponentially since the late 2000 in the world and more recently in Switzerland.

The “My Real Estate Crowdfunding” is an online platform that connects real estate developers looking for funds for their projects with investors looking for new investment opportunities. The platform operates in the main metropolitan and tourist markets, offering investors the opportunity to invest directly in real estate developments without financial intermediaries and unnecessary costs.

Real estate crowdfunding

My Real Estate allows investors, indivuals or companies, to finance real estate operations.

For each selected project, My Real Estate organizes a fundraising in the form of bonds, intended to provide additional equity to the property developer.

The investor lends a sum of money to the company that pays back in the form of interests (5 to 10% per year)
The property developer borrows rapidly, benefiting from leverage to banks, while communicating with all users on his real estate operation

In special cases, My Real Estate will propose to investors an indirect equity investment through a holding company dedicated itself to investment in capital and current accounts of the company dedicated to real estate development operation (target company). This option will be considered only when the legal status of the target company does not allow the developer to issue a bond.

The subscriber invests a sum of money in exchange for shares of the dedicated holding company
This money is reinvested in for a minority share in equity and a majority one in current accounts of the target company. The interest rate on these current accounts of associates represents the return expected by the investor (5 to 10% per year)

My Real Estate always favors the most direct and transparent investment for its investors. We remind you that investing in equity or lending to unlisted companies represent specific risks (details are available on related links).


investissement immobilier défiscalisation You decide the amount that you want to invest

Investment available from 5 000 euros

défiscalisation immobilier You invest in qualitative projects

The projects are selected by our financial analysts on qualitative criterion of location, price positioning and development by property developers that already demonstrated their know-how in the past

défiscalisation impôt sur le revenu You get attractive return with short maturity

• Between 5% to 10% annual return

• Investment maturity from 12 months to 36 months

placement private equity You invest in few clics with entire transparence

investir PME You benefit from an innovative interactive solution to follow your investments



  • Entry of personal data and proof of identity and domicile. Mandatory response to the adequacy questionnaire to be able to invest on the platform.
  • Navigation among proposed projects and access to available information and documents.
  • Enter the invested amount and electronically sign the legal documentation.
  • Payment of the investment amount (investment amount + My Real Estate commission): by credit card, bank transfer or check.
  • Transfer of funds raised to an escrow account managed by the Leupay secure payment system.


  • Once the round table has been finalized, notification of the investor 72 hours before the receipt of his subscription (if payment by check). If the transaction is not launched, full refund of the subscription to the investor.
  • The investment vehicle then issues the shares or bonds to which investors have subscribed. The investment vehicle is created ad hoc by My Reaal Estate and its sole purpose is to hold securities issued by the Project Company.


  • The funds are then transferred to the Project Company.
  • The purpose of the Project Company is to bring the construction,renovation or operation of the project until the end of the operation.
  • Delivery of investment documents to the investor.
  • Monitoring and management of investments via personal space.

Bond example:

  • Leding amount : 10 000 €
  • Maturity : 3 years
  • Annual interest rate: 10%
  • Principal repayment: at the end(in fine)
  • Interests payment: annual


• 10% guaranteed annualised return

• For example, invest €18,000 and receive: €19,800 in year 1 OR €21,600 in year 2 OR €23,400 in year 3

• Capital secured in escrow account

• Developer pays all legal & escrow fees

• Immediate refund if buyback not executed after 3 years

• No mortgage, no hassle, nothing else to pay

• Villas/Apart/ Hotel complex

• Hotel completion spring 2018


• 10% guaranteed annualised return

•Upto 30% profitin 3 years

• Capital secured in escrow account

• Developer pays all legal & escrow fees

• Immediate refund if buyback not executed

• No mortgage, no hassle, nothing else to pay

• Apart /Hotel/Villas


Subject to the obligation for the buyback to becompletedwithin 3 years of completion of the investment, the date of the buyback is entirely at the discretion of MRE







Team of experts at your service

The My Real Estate team has more than 25 years of experience in real estate. Analysts, former promoters, lawyers, engineers … complementary and ultra-qualified profiles gathered around a common mission: to accelerate the financing of real estate transactions while offering exceptional investment opportunities.

In safe Hands

The Loft City Apartments & Suites
The Loft City Apartments & Suites
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The Vila Algarvia Resort
€18 000.00
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The Clube do Ancao Townhouses
€24 500.00
The Exclusive Resort Aldeia Azul
The Exclusive Resort Aldeia Azul
€29 000.00

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